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Vehicle Stunt Simulator [ Previous version as Demo, inside]

A topic by CreativeIndieGames created Feb 13, 2016 Views: 846
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All previous versions FREE to play. Thanks for supporting. Update once a month.


A vehicle stunt simulator sandbox with real life vehicle physics & destruction system. Parkour obstacles & Puzzles. Functional Bowling alley, soccer, chase cars, many vehicles, HD graphics & 30 music titles,. Current theme is Winter. Xbox controller support. (Windows) Lag less game but some massive objects can be removed by pressing F1, F2, F3. This project is a WIP, work in progress hence many many changes are made each month. The final aim of the project is to be on Android. The project has been under development for over a year and a half. If fees are not covered its final release will be in 2017 but tons more features will be added by then.

Current Aim- Right now everything is put into one map to test all the features and their functionalities, everything is being experimented and analyzed in one map. Once all the important objectives are achieved, the map will change and everything will be optimized as close as possible to an indie AAA quality. Ultimate aim is to release a mobile version on Android, sorry no fund for ios release.

Product Page:

Product Personal Community Page:


Supporters receive all new future versions/updates, you will be notified via email that you used to pay. (probably paypal email id)


Got any ideas to implement? Share here to be consisdered.