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[Unity][3D Artist]Searching a 3D Handdrawn Graphics Designer for a project!

A topic by Kiba92 created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 243 Replies: 4
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Hello ladies and gentlemen

we are still searching another member for our 3 men team!

We are 2 Programmers and one Designer.

Please notice before reading, that English is not my native language, so
you may find some mistakes.

Our project:

We are currently developing a multiplayer turn-based strategy game
heavily inspired by modern tabletop wargames.

We want to bring the tabletop love onto the digital battlefield. You
pick from a lot of armies, which all have different playstyles, set up
your troops and march onto battle against your friends or random
players, and later, ranked games. We feature a unique playstyle which
you will recognize, if you played wargames like Infinity, X-Wing or
Warhammer. These were our inspirations, but now we are going far more

More details about our project:
Unique gamplay
PvP Turn-based strategy
Ground up, self made graphics
Rich background (based on storys written by me for over 9 years now)
Freedom in choosing your playstyle
Every game is different (Random events, maps, objects and player etc.)

and many more.

We have already a playable game and we are making progress everyday, so
now is your best chance to hop on a promising project!

The Member we are looking for:

1. Graphic Designer:

We are searching for an additional graphic designer who has experience
in designing and animating hand-painted graphics and modells, and UI
elements, and additional, (but not necessary) drawings . I am currently
doing this job, but since I am about to manage the Kickstarter campaign
and our webspace, I need someone to to support me in doing the graphics
for now, and maybe later to take over this job. I still will provide the
information for the armies.

This job has to be currently done without payment. But once we succeed
Kickstarter, you will also be payed for your work [Rev-Share], which should be
obvious. We will set up a contract for that matter.

If you are interested, connect to me here or send a message to

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Hi  :)

I have not lot of time ..but i'm interested ( and English isn't my native language too .. I'm French )

if you want see my 3D Label ( .. in progress ) 
and contact me

( I work with Blender but i can export in .obj .stl or other... )

Thank you .

I sended you a msg :)
I still hope for more interested people :D
We're have a really promising project so please consider applying!

Thank ,

You have received my mail .. ?

new reply but no answer ... 
: /