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An LGBTQIA poositive dating sim and coming of age drama. · By Bloom Digital Media

A little bit uncomfortable.

A topic by mavmiller created Aug 22, 2021 Views: 1,356 Replies: 2
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Like, you had me at LGBT dating sim and lost me at it taking place in a middle school. I don't really want to meet the kind of people who spend their time playing dating sims where all the characters are little kids. Even a high school would be like... marginally better. Still not great, but a lot... less creepy.


Seems you don't understand what type of game this is, the dating thing is just something used to tell a story. These are characters not real people, the story is told to express things that some people could relate to at that age being LGBT (or not I guess), this isn't really a dating sim at all, that is just used as a plot device to push the story and character route depending on who you choose further, it's more friendship than anything else because nothing is explicitly sexual whatsoever and I guess is more about discovery of oneself and the previously mentioned friendships and overcoming hardships that's it. So I feel your the weird one if you don't get it, I mean choosing where they want to go to highschool is literally something in the story, which shows growing up and moving forward and changing, why are you focusing on the dating? the stuff shown is literally middle school level stuff and a lot of people have connected with this game because they are LGBT.


Middle schoolers also play games and deserve to have queer content that they can relate to. Your feelings about older people who play dating sims with little kid characters is TOTALLY understandable but that is a problem with those specific people and that blame should not be shifted onto the developers.