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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by CloudTheWolf created Nov 05, 2017 Views: 73
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Developer (2 edits)

Found a bug?

Comment Below and I'll get it fixed :)

Known Bugs:

- #3 After opening the door to the red room and entering the door will no longer be there. It can still be using by standing in the doorway and pressing the USE key (Z on Keyboard)

- #4  After finding a Sleeper key Amy will be missing from her room. 

- #5 Speaking to Kyofu after finding a sleeper key will result in a blank screen... don't speak to her.

- #6 Unable to leave the room after using the Sleeper Keys 

I can't upload the new version until after IGMC2017 however you can download the fix here:

Fixed Bugs

- #1 Game Crashed When Editing Config on Single EXE Version

-  #2  Games Don't Save on Single EXE Version