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Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Walk upon the Ravenfield with your BLUE allies! · By SteelRaven7

Any Good Mods for BETA 5?

A topic by RubieGaming created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 12,860 Replies: 5
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Hey, does anyone have any good mods or to be honest any mods for Ravenfield Beta 5, the free one?


I dont even think that mods exists for this version.

I'm pretty sure SOME exist, but maybe none. I really hope there are some though...

Pardon the shameless self promo, but there were a handful of mods for Beta 5 a few months back!  I tried to compile the majority of em in the description of this tutorial (all you've gotta do is replace the Assembly-CSharp file, super easy install).  The MAJORITY of what people could do was just change colors, so you could flip team colors, or one that was super cool was a "rainbow" mod that made everyone random colors.  The most game changing mod that I've got the link to was definitely NueSB's third person mod, but I remember there being a handful of complications with it.  I don't really know why these wouldn't still work, but they are kinda old so I guess there's a chance somehow..?  Version modding is super specific, so hopefully they work.

Thanks dude! I don't mind watching your videos, they're great! :)

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