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Royal Blacksmith

A topic by Badim created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 109
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Hey guys,

I d love to share some light on my biggest project so far - Royal Blacksmith.

It is a blacksmith-shop-simulator. If you played a Sords&Potions or Shop Heroes - you will find it quate familiar. That is 30% of the current game. My next step - is integrating story line - quests, guilds, multiplayer, etc.

Currently - it works stable, and I`m updating it every other week with a new content.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOs. Engine: CoronaSDK.

What can I do more - to invite you to try it? It is far from being finished, and I`m open to new features & suggestions. You can download a current build from itch game page:

Art is pixel-art - heroes and crafters are units from my other "Royal" games - Royal Offense and Royal Heroes.

Here are few videos of gameplay: 

Currently working on shop grades - player will manage one shop. But in addition he can expand - to own a few extra shops, hire managers and extra staff for other shops as well.