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Gravity Golf

A topic by telescopic created Feb 07, 2016 Views: 290 Replies: 3
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thought I'd start a devlog to track my progress and get some feedback when the game progresses in to a playable state.

Gravity Golf is a puzzle game. You have to use gravity to guide your rocket to the target.

Excuse the programmer art! The blue circle is the player, with the line showing the direction and power of the rocket, the red dots are planets and the orange circle is the target. You can see here that I hit the target after three attempts:

You can create some interesting patterns:

I have lots of gameplay ideas: enemy ships, hostile planets, stars, wormholes, black holes, tractor beams, asteroids, comets and moons, but first I need to get my in game editor up and running.

I added a level editor using the VisUi framework. It's now really quick to add and edit planets. Next step is loading/saving the level files to json

No pictures this week. I've refactored the game to use the Ashley Entity Component framework and moved the physics update to a new thread so it can update at a much higher resolution (3ms instead of 16ms). Projectile movement is now much more accurate, particularly around high gravity bodies (which will be useful when black holes are added).

This week:

  • Editor improvements
    • Inspector now works with the entity component system.
    • New Widgets for editing vectors with numbers or sliders
  • Gravity Grid experiments. Still not sure on the best way to visually represent gravity. Here are a couple of prototypes: