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Horizon Vanguard - VR Arcade Shooting

A topic by tain created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 158 Replies: 1
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Horizon Vanguard is a fast and dense arcade-structured action game that combines classic scrolling shooters with VR's immersion and aiming mechanics. It features bright visuals and a catchy, melodic soundtrack.

Currently the Location Test demo is complete. The full game is planned for 2018. I'd be open for talking about localization at any stage. Feel free to reach out to horizonvanguard at or through itch!

Hi tain! Thanks for reaching out. I see your game involves moving in fast motion and shooting a game while you try to aim - personally I'm afraid I'll get too sick playing your game, but I'll try the demo out anyway ^^. (I tend to get sick when there's fast movement in a game that I'm not personally making happen.) But, my level of motion sickness is a rare case, I believe. That said, I'll contact you and we can get the ball rolling :). Thanks!