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Pokemon Blaze Online (Free to Play Fan Made MMORPG)

A topic by Snehks created Oct 30, 2017 Views: 1,597 Replies: 1
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Game Summary

Pokemon Blaze Online is a free to play Pokemon MMORPG where you can play with/against other players in a custom Pokemon universe. The game allows your to battle and trade against other players. You can progress through the storyline defeating gyms, evil teams and other non playable characters. The game also offers a range of quests which you can complete in order to win cool in game rewards.

The game is actively in development and new features keep getting released every 2 weeks. 

Itch IO Page

This is the page for the game

You can download the game from the link above.

Gameplay Video

Here is a 15 minutes gameplay video done by one of the famous Pokemon Youtuber

I hope you all download and enjoy the game. All the feedback will be appreciated. Please feel free to ask any question regarding the game. I hope to see you around. :)

Halloween update is coming soon (3rd November) and there is no better time that this week to start playing the game ;)