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Agent 10013946

A topic by D-Studios created Oct 28, 2017 Views: 139
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Agent 10013946 is a 2D  single-player stealth game. In this game, the player plays as Agent 10013946, a spy sent by Commander Ytsur on a mission to infiltrate an enemy outpost in the hostile planet called Ragantahb. His mission is to find valuable intel inside the fortress. The player must explore a gigantic fortress to find intel without being caught by the enemy. If the player gets caught by an enemy by being in the enemy's field of vision without hiding behind cover, the player fails the mission.  This game has auto saving mechanics but players can also manually place checkpoints throughout the game.  Though Agent 10013946 is a short non-professional game, it has lots of replayability and is worth playing.  Agent 10013946 can run right in the browser with no need for downloads, although downloading the game is an option. This game is made by D-Studios and is made by only one person. 

Play Agent 10013946 here: