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Alternative free-scrolling platformer [C64] · By RETREAM

Zampo is now free to turbofart around and eat away!

A topic by RETREAM created Jul 31, 2021 Views: 148
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QUOD INIT EXIT IIm has been released 5 years ago for a minimum price of $1.99 (but right after the release, pirate versions started spreading). For a short while, I continued on developing its bigger brother, QIE IIo, but then development came to a halt because I focused on MAH (again for the Commodore 64), Blastaway (for PC) and on a number of Amiga projects (all available from the RETREAM page here on Less than 1.5 years ago, I returned briefly to QIE IIo, improved/expanded it a little bit and made a preview available to the owners of QIE IIm. However, I feel guilty for having kept the project frozen for so long and because I'm not going to resume it in the foreseable future due to the fact that I'm busy with Amiga games (but this doesn't mean that I've given up: I'm absolutely determined to finish the game). A couple of days ago, somehow the idea of making QIE IIm available for free popped into my head: I felt immediately relieved at the thought alone, and it took me a while to figure out why: I guess that it's because doing so soothes the feeling of guilt towards the Commodore 64 community.

In short: if you don't have it already, go get QIE IIm it - it's free! And, by the way, don't forget to download also the preview of QIE IIo: among other things, it includes also the level of QIE IIm, but in a bigger and richer form!

As a closing note, I'd like to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who purchased QIE IIm, especially those who added a tip (some of which have been enourmously generous)!