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Another version of this

A topic by CelluloidGames created Oct 27, 2017 Views: 179 Replies: 2
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Before I start!  this is not saying  you should do this suggestion like right now... Just saying once this game gets either a few months or a year in on release.  The  suggestion is that you make another version of this game without the VR.  So now the people who don't have VR can play it as well. Don't get me wrong !If I had VR  I would buy this in a Heartbeat. 

Thanks for the idea! It's certainly something worth looking into, but you are absolutely correct on the matter:  after release. 

Right now attacks are all physics based so we can rely on the player to punch, judo chop, double hammer throw, etc  to deal damage. But for a non VR version, we'd have to create a whole new fighting system to keep it interesting.

Wow :) that's awesome :)  and yes indeed just when everything is officially done. with this game and trust me I'll be following you on this :D. Until then I Produce content on a YouTube called Brawlers Avenue.  We upload anything and everything Beat 'em up or Hack n slash. So  yea once you guys start to make a Non VR version I will Defiantly upload some gameplay of it on there :).