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Big Circles - Free and perfect for 60 second game breaks!

A topic by MickM created Feb 04, 2016 Views: 164
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Gday all,

Big Circles is just designed as a free little time killer; 60 second rounds where the goal is to get as high a score as possible (score = ending HP).

You have to avoid bigger circles and eat smaller circles. As you gain health you get bigger so get more targets!
There are 4 modes available (unlock based on progress):

Normal - Circles outside vision are grey, inside 'radar' range they are green if edible, red if dangerous (steal your health) and black if deadly (instant kill)

Hard - Night - As for normal but you cannot see anything outside 'radar' range

Hard - Blind - No radar

Insane - Harder.......

Simple controls (arrow keys) and enter will restart the level when you die so you can churn through a few rounds quickly then be on your way!

Hopefully it brings a bit of enjoyment to at least a few people!

Available for download or to play in browser!