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Elemental Dimensions - Game Released

A topic by metalfrog created Oct 26, 2017 Views: 136 Replies: 1
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Elemental Dimensions is an Easy and Fun top down game to play.  This is my first release of a game. I created this game because my kids were telling me a story they made up of 4 Characters from 4 dimensions collecting 4 elemental gems and had bad guys in each dimension.

Please download and have a play…. Page :

Game Story

Once upon a time 4 People from 4 different dimensions came together for a quest to find and return the 4 elemental gems to their rightful owners.

The quest will be filled with dangers and enemies from each dimension.  Each person will need to use their skill and wit to warp to the different dimensions to find the Gems.

Each Person has their own magical power:

Firelander :  Fireball

Icelander : Iceball

Windflash : Tornado

DarkFlash : Black Orb

Now go forth and find the 4 elemental gems.

GOOD LUCK from the Team at MetalFrog

Updated the Game to have a Pause Screen