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ICEBOX: Speedgunner is now available on $9.99

A topic by GamesOfEdan created Oct 26, 2017 Views: 176
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Hi everyone,

My name's Carmine and I've been part of the Itch community for a couple years now. Both as a customer and a tool developer. This is the first commercial project I've released on Itch. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up here or on twitter.

The Store Page is now live.

Developer Games Of Edan today announced the release of “ICEBOX: Speedgunner” on ICEBOX is a run-&-gun 3D platforming FPS. Lots of fast-paced running and gunning, double-jumping, glitch-activating and racing action as you attempt to escape the ICEBOX, destroy the Central AI, and top the leaderboards. Inspired by the "Brain in a Vat" thought-experiment, this game leverages it's Run & Gun Gameplay to explore the concept of escaping your own virtual prison.

Your purchase includes both a DRM-free version and a Steam Key for activation on Steam.

More information and screenshots available on the Store Page.


  • SPEEDRUNNING: Race the clock to become the ultimate Speedgunner
  • RUN-AND-GUN: 3D platforming combined with fast-and-light FPS
  • GLITCH MODE: Manipulate time, gravity and engage protective shields
  • DOUBLE-JUMPS: Carve an ice-cool path using double-jumps
  • DYNAMIC MUSIC: Dynamically managed using an 'intensity' meter
  • IN-GAME NARRATOR: Get assistance from an outside hacker
  • LEADERBOARDS: Compare your mastery on the global leaderboards
  • GAME+ MODE: Use Random World Seeds, Dash Boost and Free Flight

Thanks for your time, and have a lovely day!

Carmine Fantarella (@CFantarella, @GamesOfEdan)