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Z- Sector Tower Defense

A topic by TitanMods created Oct 25, 2017 Views: 332
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Z-Sector Tower Defense Early Alpha

Post all bugs below! We plan to have this bug free, balanced and fix within a few months.

A basic top down Zombie apocalyptic tower defense browser game created by TitanMods. Survive against hordes of zombies! 

40 Waves each match

3 levels so far

Hi, I'm TitanMods, an Indie Game Developer. Today I present to you Z-Sector TD, the Top down post-Apocalyptic Tower Defense Browser  game. The goal is to survive! That's it! Defend against hordes of Enemies using turrets and settlers!

Help me out by pointing out all bugs! 

[Future Updates] 

Simple Settlement Management System

Special Perk System

Play In Your Browser


Z -Sector MMO

These assets are originally from Z-Sector MMO Alpha

I decided to use Z-Sector MMO browser game assets to make this tower defense game to help raise awareness, test the assets and test gameplay features.  All donations will help support the Post-Apocalyptic top down MMO Z-Sector.


Scroll in and out using the middle mouse button

WASD Camera control

(R) To rotate object

More Information Inc...

Credits  [Special Creatures [Screams