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WILL v1.0 Released [Boss game, Action, Difficult, Minimalist]

A topic by GlobalSingeing created Oct 25, 2017 Views: 85
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This game has been in development for a year, and it's finally done. I don't expect many people to play it, it's mostly a passion project, but I might as well get it out there as much as I can, so I'm posting it here for when it's buried under new releases. It's an amateur game, but it's completely free, so at least try it out! :)

Goal: In this game you will be fighting 10 bosses, each harder than the last, to kill them and take their masks. All the while you will piece together the story, and the power that these masks contain... (More info on the page, linked at the bottom.)

Mask lineup... Most are hidden to limit spoilers ;)