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9 Nations

A turn based fantasy strategy game · By SvenTX

Bug-Bug-Bug! Welcome to the HIVE!

A topic by Junk007 created Jul 24, 2021 Views: 125
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Aye 'sigh'. This game is the biggest disappointment I had for a little while. Graphic are classic, game expectation was high due to the strategic element. Can you  believe that I read the whole thing—Lexicon etc.—and then... there was no then. I couldn't even manage to play a single game vs a computer or something. The tutorial bugged: I couldn't build a wood log thing—couldn't quit the game. The lexicon bugged: temple or what not—unfinished descriptions. And then, when I gave up the tuto, and went for the endless war... well—the only endless thing I found was disappointment. Couldn't set a computer—couldn't quit the mod... What the heck is this? Such a lack of professionalism is really something else. I mean, you did mention there could be bugs—but then Hell—bugs is acceptable when there is something—a little thing—or anything presentable! What's the point of opening the game, spending more than a full hour to understand... just for NOTHING? The only thing that'd create, is frustration and disappointment. Anyway, finished ranting. Time to get the hell out there.