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Infernal Racket, the game about smashing glass, vases, paintings, sculptures, fine china, chandeliers...

A topic by Game Soup LLC created Oct 22, 2017 Views: 76
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Game Page:

Be a bull in a china shop, or rather, over 200 unique china shops! Smash your way through all kinds of fragile objects that explode into satisfying showers of shrapnel on contact. Destroy priceless paintings and sculptures, pottery and fine china, and precious gems all in the name of mischief and mayhem! Level up to gain powerful upgrades that let you destroy everything even faster! It's a bit like Pac-Man except you're always powered up and each stage is just begging you to steamroll it! See how much property damage you can cause in one run, but be sure to avoid the bullets of enemy soldiers and drones, as well as a certain Spirit of Glass who doesn't know when to give up the chase...

We created Infernal Racket to be "that one game" from our childhood that we always wanted someone to make -- a game where the only objective is to destroy EVERYTHING!  Everything about the game is a power trip to make you feel as powerful as possible. Thanks for checking the game out!