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Powerful BASIC language with GUI module and native IDE · By skid

Cannot run on Big Sur

A topic by dabzy1978 created Jul 17, 2021 Views: 282 Replies: 3
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Big Sur states application needs updating for it to run...

Tech spec: Big Sur, Mac Mini 2020 M1


Maybe ask at the Syntaxbomb forum - there are might be some Mac users willed to try out the unsupported BlitzMax ("vanilla/legacy") on their updated Macs.

Maybe you need to mark each binary as "executable" (security mechanism) first ? 

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Hey Ron, how you keeping... Hope all is well? :)

Nah, I'll let it slide matey, was just interested in seeing how/if it worked, and in any case, I've had fun with Swift in the Playground of Apples Developer tools, and found it, well, alright actually, little oddities, but, yeah, got meself a book now, this one:

Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies

Getting a bit tired of these multi platform things now, so, going to move some code over and do it natively instead... It's actually more easier learning a new language (And more fun) then mucking about with some of these multi-platform shenanigans, install this, install that, edit this file, add this to path, add a new environment variable blah blah blah! ;)

Anyway, nice to hear from you, stay safe me auld fruit! :)


Enjoy your journey :-).

Maybe give Godot and others a try - they provide "runtimes" for the platforms, so you develop on one and just "build" for multiple from there.