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Sigma Draconis

A topic by SigmaDraconis created 90 days ago Views: 193 Replies: 12
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I've been working on Sigma Draconis for a while now, it's a single player strategy game where you are building a colony - and eventually a city - on a new world.

For now I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves - you get the idea!  If anyone is interested I can flesh out this log and start post some more information and progress updates here.

What I would love to do is create a decent strategy game that I can bring to market some time in 2018... though I know that's a tough ask with the number of competing games out there now!

I've just set up a Twitter account @sigdraconisgame... please follow if you're interested :-)

Sigma Draconis - Twitter

People of the future are lazy.  Cooking is something done by robots and machines... so here is the AutoChef.  Ingredients go in, delicious meals come out.  So far the only available ingredient is the yellow fruit growing on bushes dotted around the map, but it's a start.

Grow your own... potatoes

One possible concept for a title / main menu screen.  Created using a Solar System sim I wrote years ago... this is actually Titan and Saturn but with different textures.  Any thoughts?

Facebook page set up here



Just saw this http://avencolony.com/, that's so much like what I'm trying to build it's a bit scary!  Though mine is on a smaller scale, more along the lines of Rimworld (awesome game if you haven't tried it!).  And I certainly won't be asking the £25 that Aven is asking for on Steam!  I can't compete with Aven's graphics so I've got to concentrate on making mine interesting and random enough to be massively re-playable... any strategy game lovers on this site got any ideas about what they would like to see in a game like this?

Been working on water's edge tiles.  Looks simple, but takes a long time to get right.

Here's another screenshot.  More on Twitter at https://twitter.com/sigdraconisgame