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My first game ever made... Postage escape

A topic by Kingames created Oct 19, 2017 Views: 100
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So here it is!

I spent a week building it, learned a whole lot about unity and c# and I think my next project will be some sort of a top down small story driven RPG, kind of a mix between Diablo for game mechanics and The Witcher series for a story,  anyways if you have a spare dollar you can check it out and leave some feedback, I would make it free but my gpu burned in the process of making it so I think the dollar would be my way of paying respects to it (rip r9 280x :( )... This game is about a box that is escaping the post office to evade paying postage and its escape route is straight to the delivery van so it can be delivered, it has 5 levels that are getting harder and harder by each one and it is a pretty hard game I will be honest I found myself raging while testing and it was not because of some bugs it was because of failing xD

thank you for your time and good luck!


*Edit: Just made it free to play, explanation on my twitter @kingsgrdesign