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FarmOn - Adventure Game

A topic by Dellacurtais created Oct 19, 2017 Views: 150 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone.

First of all I apologize for my English.

We are starting the development of FarmOn.

The game is based on the simulation of a farm, you plant, harvests the animals and other details. However it will be an open map game, with cities, stories and mysteries to explore. You can relate to city dwellers, find books scattered with various secrets, get married, explore dungeons, or just drive through towns like crazy. They will have several quest that can be acquired by talking to npcs. The game will have multiplayer mode, and probably a lot of items.

The story of the game is almost over. And it will be a pleasant surprise, very big, full of challenges and mysteries in which he will have to discover exploring all the possibilities of the game. However, never forget, you need money, so take care of your farm.

The game has just under a few days of development, we've done a large part of the 3D models of the vehicles, and some constructions and we started the basics in unity.

I am a developer, along with my friend who is responsible for 3D models.

We bought some 3D packages to speed up our work
Low Poly Game.

We'll be explaining more about the game in the course of development. I hope you can join us and help us create an exceptional game.

You can is following us here:

Very grateful to all

Hello people.

Wolford started modeling the wheels to customize the cars. We are keeping activity log constant.
We have already had some progress soon we will post a first scenario.

You can see:

Thank you all