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Gate Code

A topic by ZacheyMIX created Feb 01, 2016 Views: 1,957 Replies: 7
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Mirror says "Please Laugh More" the code on the html is 23132, i enter in the code and press E, and the gate does not open. Please help me.

Developer (1 edit)

That's weird: is anyone experiencing the same issue? When did you downloaded Imscared?



Putting on a fix for that issue: in the english version of Imscared, the "Pleae laugh more" code was bugged! Sorry for the inconvenience, uploading the fix right now!


("Please laugh More" is supposed to be 51947: the new version will correct the code on the .html file)

Okay, got the gate open, thank you very much


You're welcome :) Thanks for the feedback and the patience!

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lolcheated cuz i no undertnd englsh i speek greek ok