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Thanks a lot for playing! Also don't worry, Manor is really cryptic and doesn't *really* have a purpose for the player... It's just something I made  for fun in a week or less

Thanks to you for liking our Prologue and my works in general! I'm really happy about it.

...On Propaganda I'll be, then :D

Thanks a lot! I'm really glad to find a fellow House guest that also enjoyed my humble homage!

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks to you for playing 'em! We enjoyed your playthrough <3

Thanks for playing!

Lovely! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and I had a blast playing this while thinking of me as the kid I was 20 years ago.

Gorgeous work!

Don’t worry, the .exe is clean from viruses! It just comes with a curse 

Oh you don't

Sorry for the late answer & Thanks a lot! If you felt cursed then I'm really happy with the result :D
(.gmmod models were made with GameMakerModelCreator)

Thanks to you for liking Pillage!

Hey Neco, glad to see you here!
I get your complain and I know, for it has been a hard choice to make: I wanted to avoid the circumnstance in which the player had to crouch and jump immediately after, with the risk to fall down instead of jumping. Also, just like Lara's home in Tomb Raider PSX the game provides you an optional tutorial area that explains every important gameplay mechanic (this one too, of course). I'm glad that in the end you got out on your own, but I'm sorry nonetheless!

That said, it's time to watch your playthrough ♪

You can select that on the start screen (or by pressing ALT+ENTER)

Worry not! Sooner or later you'll be able to enjoy the Manor in its entirety...

Thanks a lot, glad to hear the game triggered some nostalgia :) Also, is awful and should be marked as spam indeed... 

That won't do, you've been cursed

Thank you, kindly!

<3 Hope you had fun!

I just make a very small game and then I stretch the hell out of it (oh and there's also a color limiter involved in this one)

*chomp chomp*
Have fun!

*clak clok*

Thanks :D
If you did wrong, then Yes there's a way to do it right!

Thanks a lot! The game was developed with Game Maker Studio 2


Thanks to you :D

Congrats on beating the daedalus! :)

Thanks for playing! :D

I really dig this one, congrats!

Congrats on beating the game and thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot <3 I will!

You've found it indeed: congrats, I'm glad that someone made it :)
Thanks for playing!

Il gioco è di natura sperimentale ed è nato per una jam, quindi non ha un premio granché importante da offrire a chi riesce nell'impresa... Ma se sei riuscit@ nell'intento allora ti porgo i miei più sentiti complimenti (e grazie per aver gradito)!

Grazie, sono contento ti sia piaciuto! :D

Delicious! Imscared gladly joins the cause

Thanks for playing :)