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It is! Thanks a lot for playing, hope you liked it :D

...Now this is something.
Thanks a lot for the sweet comment, we're really glad KEYCHAIN did something good (and I'm REALLY loving that walkthrough map)! So Thanks to you, Felix, you're great :D

Hey, thanks a lot! :D

Thanks a lot for playing (and for the intriguing game analysis)!

If you got the "every key intact" ending, then you've completed the game. We hope you had fun! :)

Thanks a lot for playing!

There's two endings available, you got one of them at the end of the video (there's also a bad ending, but no, it is not the one you achieved).

Also, no: the garden key does not exist anymore!
Thanks again :D

Liked the video <3

(and that MMX victory theme, too)

Thanks a lot :) 

Really glad to hear that, that's what Discomfort wanted to do!

Thanks for playing and liking the game :)

Woah, that was... Fast! Thanks a lot for doing something like this!

Hey, thanks for playing :D Glad you had fun!

There's a way to "do right", check again those pesky NEED.NET emails...

Thanks for playing! :)

Yes, you are! Thanks a lot for playing Discomfort :)

Thanks a lot for playing! I loved the video :D

You're great, thanks a lot for playing and liking the game!

Hey, I'm glad the game made you uncomfortable :D Thanks a lot for playing!

Hey, thanks :) You can switch controls at the beginning, try playing with your mouse!

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun :)

Hey, thank you :D To know that my bizarre and silly concepts were liked, it means a lot to me!

So, thanks from me and Fran43! We're glad you had fun!

Wew, thanks a lot for the 10/10! Looks a bit too much to me, but I will cherish it :D

Jokes aside, thanks for playing :) I'm glad you liked the game

Hey, thanks a lot for liking Discomfort this much :D I'm really happy knowing that the game did its job with you (and that you liked it, of course).

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot for playing, I'm glad you had fun :D

Hey there, really happy to know that Discomfort did its job with you :D Thanks a lot for the kind comment!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked 'em both :)

Hey, thanks for playing! :D
(I think you won't play it again, but just to let you know: on "Discomfort" controls, you can scroll through mails with R & F buttons)

Loved the video, thanks a lot for playing and liking the game! ;D

Hey, these really are some Kind words... Thanks a lot!
I can see why you find the gameboy section to be a bit off, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy everything else nonetheless! :)

Thanks to you for playing and commenting!
I made the game textures with Aseprite and the standard 3D functions of GameMaker Studio 2. As for the dither/color limit effect, that's the work of a shader!

Thanks a lot for liking Discomfort so much! :D

Thanks for playing! <3

Hello and thanks a lot for playing FIREWORK!
Now, let's get to the answers:

- Thanks for pointing out the grammatical errors,  english is not my native language (we did the best we could) so I'm happy to get feedback about that-- Gotta fix those in a future update!
- A message that explains how to switch items could really help, the absence of it is children of the fact that, until late development, weapons could be switched only in the pause menu (where all the weapon descriptions are). As for the shield, try crouching when equipped!
- The healthbar thing is weird indeed... Even in the trio fight, Foveo's health should be there (it's the red inside of his K). If you ever get to play again (please, save all the lost spheres!) and reach Foveo, it would be great to have a screenshot or clip of sort. Thanks for pointing that out, tho!
- As for the blue zones, the ones that propels you a lot have a fast animation (while the others are much slower). I suppose the thing was not that evident and I'll think about a graphic or color change.

That said, I thank you again for playing through our work! Let me know if you dwelve again into the facility to uncover all of its secrets :)

Have a nice day!

You're welcome :) Thanks for the feedback and the patience!

("Please laugh More" is supposed to be 51947: the new version will correct the code on the .html file)

Putting on a fix for that issue: in the english version of Imscared, the "Pleae laugh more" code was bugged! Sorry for the inconvenience, uploading the fix right now!

(1 edit)

That's weird: is anyone experiencing the same issue? When did you downloaded Imscared?

the other Choice is not an ending

Thanks for playing!

Excellent critique/bug report, I have to say! Thanks a lot!
Let's answer, then:

1. That's intentional;

2. You're not the only one having issues with this achievement: I'm thinking of a solution and I'll let You know! Thanks for the feedback;

3. The first half of the game needs to be almost the same of the original, it's for "lore" purpose;

4. Game Maker is really tedious with 3D sound (and I'm not a great programmer): really sorry about that, but the sound won't change based on the direction (it will, however, change when moving). If I come up with a solution, I'll revisite that portion;

5. Didn't knew you could go there, gotta fix it;

Thanks for the feedback, benzoingum, I'm really happy you enjoyed my game! But... How do you know about Loneliness?

The game will be relased on Steam soon (and obviously I'll let you all know when the time comes!)

I think that's the problem: your PC fears Imscared because it's a "potentially dangerous" application that has not been downloaded much. Try deactivating your firewall (or smartscreen in this case), it should work correctly then :)

I replied by my phone earlier, but it seems not...

Uber, thanks for playing till now! I don't know why the game refuses to create a folder, but you can try opening the game as Administrator (or else try creating the folder by yourself).
Meanwhile you can also download the new build of the game, which covers some bugs

Are you sure about it? That's really weird :S You're the first one having this issue...

Let me know if this is still happening