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Ivan Zanotti

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You're welcome :) Thanks for the feedback and the patience!

("Please laugh More" is supposed to be 51947: the new version will correct the code on the .html file)

Putting on a fix for that issue: in the english version of Imscared, the "Pleae laugh more" code was bugged! Sorry for the inconvenience, uploading the fix right now!

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That's weird: is anyone experiencing the same issue? When did you downloaded Imscared?

the other Choice is not an ending

Thanks for playing!

Excellent critique/bug report, I have to say! Thanks a lot!
Let's answer, then:

1. That's intentional;

2. You're not the only one having issues with this achievement: I'm thinking of a solution and I'll let You know! Thanks for the feedback;

3. The first half of the game needs to be almost the same of the original, it's for "lore" purpose;

4. Game Maker is really tedious with 3D sound (and I'm not a great programmer): really sorry about that, but the sound won't change based on the direction (it will, however, change when moving). If I come up with a solution, I'll revisite that portion;

5. Didn't knew you could go there, gotta fix it;

Thanks for the feedback, benzoingum, I'm really happy you enjoyed my game! But... How do you know about Loneliness?

The game will be relased on Steam soon (and obviously I'll let you all know when the time comes!)

I think that's the problem: your PC fears Imscared because it's a "potentially dangerous" application that has not been downloaded much. Try deactivating your firewall (or smartscreen in this case), it should work correctly then :)

I replied by my phone earlier, but it seems not...

Uber, thanks for playing till now! I don't know why the game refuses to create a folder, but you can try opening the game as Administrator (or else try creating the folder by yourself).
Meanwhile you can also download the new build of the game, which covers some bugs

Are you sure about it? That's really weird :S You're the first one having this issue...

Let me know if this is still happening