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Fuel Run - Space mining game with a chase element ( free - Pay what you want)

A topic by Karen Crawford created Oct 18, 2017 Views: 134
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I am really excited about launching my first game. The name is Fuel Run and it is available for free on

It is inspired by the classic Atari game Asteroids. Fuel Run is a 3d space mining game where you are the mining and refueling ship for a notorious smuggler. As the smuggler makes a smuggling run of 1000 light years, you enter various asteroid belts and mine for Zurg. The faster you can fill your fuel tanks and return to the smuggler, the faster he can go. This is important because the smuggler is being chased by the legendary lawman BT Justice. As you blast at asteroids to reveal zurg deposits, the asteroid belt quickly becomes more chaotic.

Fuel Run features an interesting difficulty system where the difficulty can be set from 0-100 by raising 10 different catagories from 1-10. This means you have options on how to increase your games difficulty with your ultimate goal of defeating the game on level 100. Ship upgrades come from destroying enemy ships in the asteroid fields and your ship upgrades stay with you on subsequent smuggling runs which will help you defeat the game at higher difficulties.

Fuel Run on