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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

Re-locking/Disappearing of Unlocked Events and Characters

A topic by Minato21 created Oct 17, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 2
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First of all, before I start with detailing the problem that I encountered, I would just like to say that I love the game RockRobin. It's now my favorite game in this genre and I was actually amazed that its free since you don't see high quality games like this offered freely online. If I had access to any method of online payment, I would definitely donate to show my high appreciation for the making of such a great game with such compelling story lines and characters. Unfortunately, I don't have one so all I could do is comment. :-( Its also so refreshing that the female main character, Robin, was such a complex and dynamic character who has her own unique personality as opposed to the usual blank characters I always encounter in otome games. Plus, I liked that the other characters themselves was not portrayed as perfect and was depicted as flawed, making them more relatable and real.

As for my problem, it pretty much what the title entails. My problem is that even after I unlocked certain characters and events, they would disappear/re-lock themselves in the Memorabilia Section or won't appear in the Open-ended mode. The characters that I encounter to have this glitch so far is Jammy, Wizz (although I finally unlocked him again after doing Emmitt's route after Dallas) and Emma. Jammy should have appeared in open-ended mode as a possible band member since I finished Dallas' route and that Bruno and Faust was unlocked in open-ended.  Same with Emma with Emmitt's route. I don't want to replay a character that I've already finished pursuing just to re-unlock the characters that I've unlocked before and I'm afraid that if I do repeat it again and unlock it, it would just re-lock again.

For the events, I've been following the walkthrough guide provided in the game a lot to trigger certain character events. I 've noticed that certain events that happened already in my game did not appear in the character's memorabilia section which is weird. I'm not sure if there are other scenes that I unlocked that was re-locked again in the other characters memorabilia (although I suspect there are re-locked ones even with them), but the scenes that I've already seen but can't access in the memorabilia section in Wizz's route are:

“Wizz the Songwriter”: Not the month your hired Wizz, go to Band Meeting (give him what he wants)

“Reaching Out”: Play a gig after seeing “Wizz the Songwriter” (pretending to need his help will make him and Robin a bit nicer on his path, but only a bit)

“Name-calling”: Hang Out with Wizz and have seen “Bad Neighbor” hang out, 50% chance

“Apologies”: Should automatically start after “Name-calling”

“Wizz's Glasses”: Go to Band Meeting after seeing “Apologies”


“First Visit”: Automatic

“Bad Neighbor”: Seen “Reaching Out”, 75% chance (getting angry at the porn will tone down the adult themes on his path slightly)

“Frenemy”: Seen “Name-calling” and “Apologies”

This isn't really a big problem or a priority  for me since the important thing is that I was able to experience from start to finish my favorite routes which are Dallas and Wizz, and I am very happy to just replay their scenes, but since this is  Beta, I would just  like to make you aware of the existing glitch or game  problem that I encountered so it would not appear in the completed version of the game.  Once again, many thanks for the game developers for thinking up and creating such an amazing game, and for sharing it for free to the public in the beta testing period.


How long have you been playing the game? Did you first start a long time ago, or did you only recently download? I had to change how characters were unlocked last year or so which caused characters to get re-locked. As for the scenes being locked, that is weird UNLESS you changed computers mid-game. The data for whether you saw something is in your "persistent" data which is computer specific.

There is a cheat code to unlock all characters in Open Mode: hit F1 (or letter C if you changed it ) and type: "fuck this unlocking shit" (no quotes) That should solve your problem in the mean time.

Oh wow, thanks! :-) Did not expect to get a cheat. :-) I've downloaded the game 2 weeks ago and I've been playing it on and off. I'm not sure what caused mine to re-locked themselves after I unlocked them since I could practically be considered a technology illiterate, but my dormmates who I introduced the game to and told them to play it since I know they will love this game since their a fan of the game genre like me told me when I asked that so far they haven't encountered any problems or glitches in their respective game play. We all have different types of laptops but we all use Windows 7. I've been playing the longest and more frequently though so I'm not sure. I didn't change computers/laptops at all but I do like to jump from game route (Emmitt - Storymode) to game route (Wizz - Open-ended mode or Dallas - Storymode) and back again by loading my multiple saves to view my favorite scenes again. Could that be the cause?