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The Moon Fields

Super 64-Bit Sword & Sorcery Action Adventure & PvP · By lunarsignals

Tips & Strategies

A topic by lunarsignals created Oct 17, 2017 Views: 372 Replies: 4
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Please use this thread to post tips or strategies you find or to ask for tips and strategies for particular items or characters.

General Tips:

1) Learn how to maneuver! Tap A while moving to Dash quickly. Tap A while not moving to Jump straight up. Hold A while moving to Leap. Dashing gets you out of sticky situations. Jumping can dodge attacks while getting you on high ground. And Leaping helps you cross gaps or escape to high ground that's far away.

2) Vary your attacks! Depending on how you move, your weapons might have different uses. The Knights Sword has a straight attack while moving, a forehand/backhand swing combo on neutral, and an overhead from the air. The straight attack is good for footsies and keeping distance; the swing combo will help you in close; and the overhead deals a lot of damage while getting over shields.

3) When you have a side-shield, move counterclockwise around your enemy to keep your shield in the right spot to catch errant pokes. You should tweak your angle of attack based on your opponent's attacks. When your opponent uses forehand swings (like the Battle Axe's tilt attack), facing directly towards your enemy will keep your side shield in the right position to protect you from damage. Evading an enemy that uses backhand swings is super easy because your shield will face the correct side on escape.

4) Consider how much turning your attacks have. Different attacks trigger different angles of turn on activation. The Shortbow on the ground won't turn very well, but from the air you can turn 180* and shoot in any direction.

5) The Air Is Dangerous! Air attacks are generally strong or tricky. An opponent with throwables can throw accurately at short range from the air. You can dodge attacks by getting into the air, but your position is going to be fairly predictable.

Specific Tips:

  • Characters with low Magic Stats are easiest to learn. If your character has no magical items or attacks, you can spam Dash all day without losing any combat effectiveness. Magic Casters will have the range advantage over you, but you can upset that balance with smart use of Stock Projectiles like the Shortbow, Crossbow, or Pistol. Or you can just run through hoping to dodge their magic attacks!
  • If you want to learn how to play as a Magic Caster, try varying your running with your magic generation because heavy maneuvers like Dashing cause you to lose Magic Focus (those rotating pink/purple cubes), and you need Magic Focus to cast spells. Boot Potions, Purple Potions, and Dash Boots all help to increase your Magic/Speed synergies. Weapons that slow down your enemy like Caltrops, Throw Goo, Book of Barriers help generate distance which gives you time to regenerate your magic. 

Black Goo sticks to and slows down any player it touches. If it comes into contact with flames it will also be ignited to emit more flames. The combination of the two is very dangerous.

Players can Jump to remove one ball of goo at a time from themselves. If they have many balls of goo, it will take a while to deal with all of them.


A minor tip I'd like to add, but if you have caltrops (the land mine things) equipped... keep moving!  I've made a fool of myself every time I've played as The Fool.


Combo s101:

First of all, you don't need to do true combos to do well in The Moon Fields. Attacks can stun opponents for a period of time, and a string of attacks that keeps the opponent stunned is called a Combo. But because there is no universal "don't get hit" button, strings of attacks that almost combo can be just as good. The few frames you let up may let your opponent wriggle out of your grasp, but that's OK because unless you miss (which you should never do), you will probably keep your advantage! Obviously letting your opponent control their opponent for 0 Frames is best, but they might not be able to stop your assault if you give them just 1 or 2 or even 5 frames of breathing room.

In general, there are a few attacks that will combo into themselves. The Crossbow's stun is long enough that you can reload and fire off another bolt before your opponent recovers. The Starlight's Forward Stepback Thrust stuns for 30 frames, but only takes 26 frames to enact --- that gives you 4/60 frames of leeway to repeat the attack and score another hit! But these two (and most of the others) come with a high barrier of execution. Hitting an enemy with a Crossbow bolt will stun them, they will slide forward with whatever momentum they had, and the bolt will push them back --- that means, unless your enemy is walking straight towards you (or not moving at all!) to score hits with consecutive Crossbow bolts on a moving enemy is incredibly difficult.

Some attacks that do not combo into themselves may combo into other attacks. Attacks have Startup, Active, and Recovery frames. If an attack's Start Up is long and the Active portion is towards the end of the animation, then it is likely that attack can combo into an attack whose Start Up is quick and the Active portion is towards the beginning of the animation. The Broadsword Neutral Backhand Swing deals damage towards the end of its attack, so it combos fairly well into The Broadsword Tilt Forehand Swing. One of the tricky things about fighting in these 3D spaces, though, is depending on your character's orientation you may deal damage early during active frames or you may deal damage late. Orienting your characters correctly to key to these types of combos.

The last thing you will look for to up your combo game is utilizing Dash/Jump Cancels for offense. The Dash/Jump cancel is a technique for players to quickly get out of a successful attack by either Dashing horizontally or Jumping vertically. After this movement is started, the player can continue their evasion or get right back into the attack. Some of these combos are easier than others, and some are incredibly difficult! Most of these combos can loop into themselves or other combos, but they become unwieldy and difficult to maintain after a couple hits. One of the easiest of these combos is Knights' Sword Forward Stab > Dash Cancel > Knights' Sword Forward Stab and repeat. When creating these combos, consider the Analog Stick's position for the attack, the type of movement you want to chain, and the attack you want to use to follow up. Going from a Forward Attack to a Jump to a Forward Air Attack is doable, but it can be very difficult.