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Will To Power

A topic by BarbarousGames created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 146
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Will To Power is a Survival Game with a difference.  It’s set in the medieval period after the fall of the Roman Empire.  The land is scattered with the ruins of old roman bath houses, aqua ducts, amphitheatres and scarred with roads that once connected towns and cities together.

The fall of the empire was quick and left a power vacuum in it’s wake, leaving the lands in a state of chaos and lawlessness.

Do you have the will to restore law and order?  Do you have the Will To Power?

How is Will to power different from other survival games?

Will to power has many of the elements that can be found in current survival games, what is going to make it stand out from the crowd is it's settlement system.  Players will be enabled to not only construct buildings like in typical survival games such as rust, but also establish their own settlements.  This leads to many gameplay possibilities previously unseen in any other survival game.

First - Hierarchies are possible.  The founder of the settlement is it's leader.  As leader you can set laws, accept new members and promote them to give them responsibilities.  You are ultimately in control but lateron can allow someone else to succeed you if you choose.  After a while you can also switch to a democracy to allow others to help manage your daily affairs.

Second - Your settlement can and will level over time and as it does so, your territory will also expand.  You will be able to unlock new technologies and building types at higher levels via a technology tree similar to certain RTS games you might have played.  Your settlement will eventually level into a Village, Town then City.

Third - Settlements can interact with each other by either setting a peace agreement, trade agreement, alliances, merging into a single entity or by declaring war upon each other.

Above I have listed the main features I think should be highlighted, but you can check out a more comprehensive list of features at the Will To Power Project Page.


I'm open to suggestions from the community so feel free to post any ideas or questions on the Will To Power Project Page or here on this post.


I'm currently looking into including rewards and have some ideas about what rewards to include (Unique titles for donators above a certain threshhold and maybe some unique skins etc)  but would love to hear your ideas about what rewards you would like to see in a game like this.

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Patreon - Coming soon once I have figured out what reward tiers should be included.

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