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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

New items, Faces, Npc or AI

A topic by sten2333 created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 466 Replies: 6
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We/I need for faces  Face 6 should be like face 6 but  darker gray should be black and lighter gray should be white .

And there should be monsters, animals, birds like alien.

Tools Hoe to farm seeds like  you get 2 seeds if its ready and one item like root 2 root seeds and 1 root.

Tool bow to kill birds.

New item Nuclear Furnace you get 2 items instead of one you use 1 Nuclear fuel and one ore to get 2 steel

New item fuel you can make fuel with 2 seeds/2 root seeds + 4 metals +10 grass.

Car  fuel meter cars should have fuel meters on left down corner.

Rockets you should rebuild the rocket what you have 1 starting pod+30 metal+5 Nuclear fuel=rocket

Planets,  Unknown Planet (aka. Home), Altarak,  Alantor X and Al-Arach

To go to Altarak you need 10 fuel. To go to back  Unknown planet its so much how much did you spent to go there to mars and back is 20 fuel.

New item Backpack. Backpack adds 10 more slots.

To make Backpack you need 10 flesh you can get flesh to kill monsters. 2 metal and 2 feathers you can get featers to kill birds so.

10 flesh + 2 metal + 2 feathers.

And you should be fat if you eat to much like Hunger: Fat.

Fat will give you slowness.

One bug to If you open crafting table you cant scroll down and up its hard but if you if it then its eazyer.(bad eng sorry)

If you give fuel to furnace it will be 2x faster for 20 seconds.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Love Sten

Cool ideas dude, but about planets: this is an unknown planet, which is so far away from our Sol Sys, so wtf Mars and Moon are doing there?

You can do most of things with nuclear. You know?

what? how is it understandable: i wrote about planets, but you answered about nuclear things.

of course i know that a big part of your suggestions is nuclear, or if you about the game - lol, i played it, everything nuclear ore/fuel is need that is to build the RTG

Its good to use nuclear because you can use nuclear for RTC. 

... Whaaaat?