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[Unpaid/Rev-share] Have some dev, but zero game-dev expirience, looking for project to join

A topic by MyUsernameAlreadyTaken created Oct 15, 2017 Views: 208
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I tried couple of times to create my own game, but it difficult to do anything worthy alone - you either dissipate to different aspects, or find, that your minimal viable product is too big to deliver in considerable time.

So I am looking for a small team of enthusiasts to join. Ideally if any of you already has finished a game before, but it is also fine, if you have just idea of what it should be, and how we can create it. I also have a number of ideas, but they either too raw or too complicated.

A bit of what I can offer as developer:

  •  I work as a developer, so I know C#, Java (C++ too, though I cannot say I experienced) I also familiar with version control, bugtracking systems etc. During my attempts I used Unity 3D so if we going to use it, I know it a bit.
  • I think I can work on project 1-2 hours during working days and 3-6 during weekend. We can coordinate via emal/skype/telegram.  My UTC is +1

If you interested, please write me to