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A topic by Ash K created Jul 10, 2021 Views: 297 Replies: 4
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Something wrong with the game? Let me know and I'll try to fix it!

I'm assuming this screen is only supposed to show if you complete it right?


yup! If you were playing from pc i think you might have pressed one of the debug keys used to test animations that i forgot to remove. At least that the more likely explanation i can think of. 馃

When I tried to play, every time I released a dragged piece, it shook back and forth more and more vigorously until leaving the screen altogether.


Thank you. Just looked at my code and it seems like that could happen when fps is below 20. Very easy to fix but didn't run into it during development. New version that should fix this issue is up on the page now. Will find a way to test if the game functions as intended at low fps for future updates.