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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

Next update?

A topic by DaveIsClueless created Oct 14, 2017 Views: 228 Replies: 2
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So kinda wanna ask when the next update gonna be cause the last one was about 3 months ago or more. theres probably some other reason but just kinda wanna ask any ways, guessing its gonna be around november or december

Developer (1 edit)

I have a day job, so sometimes development is slow, I wish i could spend more time each week! but have to pay bills
I'm showing Eatvolve at PAX Aus in a couple weeks and have been focused on trying to improve the game!
I will update the itch page with the same build i am taking to the show.

Yeah tnx for the reply! looking forward to it