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Bullet Beat

Shoot'em up, where everything at the levels is in tune with the music, even shooting! · By TERNOX

Connection Error in BULLET BEAT

A topic by G3JY created Jul 08, 2021 Views: 110 Replies: 6
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Bullet Beat has a serious problem.  On the home screen when appears "connecting with xbox live"  the game close,  making it impossible  who bought the game to play.


It's on Xbox or PC Itch?

This connection error is happening on Xbox one/Series X. You can see more people reporting this  bug here.         

Some patch will be done? Players are with this problem since May. Many paid for the game and can't play.


Yesterday I prepared a patch that should fix the problem, now it is being certified by Microsoft. Most likely it will be already on Monday, since now is the weekend.

OK.  Thank you for the attention.

Thanks for fix . The songs in this game are really cool.