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No files are being created on the desktop.

A topic by uberross created Jan 29, 2016 Views: 3,514 Replies: 9
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Sorry Ivan! I think I broke your game already! :P

I thought I was going to be alright to keep playing, but it seems my computer just won't accept the game files! No files or folder shows up!

Any suggestions?


Are you sure about it? That's really weird :S You're the first one having this issue...

Let me know if this is still happening

Hey, Ivan.

Yeah, it's still happening. I put the .exe right on the desktop, but at the start it did not make any folders.


I'm currently at the Labyrinth, and I thought I would be okay up until this point. The sign on the brush stated that I should press F4, which I did. However, there was still just the .exe on my desktop, with no folder or here.txt file on it.

Things I tried:

  • Deleting the data from %appdata% and starting fresh
  • Redownloading and running the .exe after doing the above.
  • Extracting the archive contained in the .exe and running the program from within

Still nothing. Maybe She was just not meant to thrive in my computer!

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I think my playthrough should be able to better explain what's going on. Here's a link to it:
Let me know if you can help! I'm dying anticipating to keep playing!


I replied by my phone earlier, but it seems not...

Uber, thanks for playing till now! I don't know why the game refuses to create a folder, but you can try opening the game as Administrator (or else try creating the folder by yourself).
Meanwhile you can also download the new build of the game, which covers some bugs

Always a pleasure, Ivan! I'll keep working on fixing it up. Thank you so much!

I created the imscared folder and it doesn't work my firewall is off please help me and i spent my money buying this game so im also sad about that :(

I have a follow up question, now that I've delved into this more thoroughly. Is this game compatible with Windows 10? I noticed that whenever I try to start the game fresh, it gives me this message which I believe may be the root of the issue! At least, I hope so! :)


I think that's the problem: your PC fears Imscared because it's a "potentially dangerous" application that has not been downloaded much. Try deactivating your firewall (or smartscreen in this case), it should work correctly then :)

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i didnt know what to do, but i did windows+r appdata blah blah blah and i go to "IMSCARED" and FUCKED U MOM  i found a thing called "white" i clicked it LIKE U ASS aaand i found such diffrent things i found one called "roomNext" like i was i a room while i was playing FORTNITE am i spelling it right? 22 i changed it to 25 and i was in the market😃.Heres a image