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Feedback about Ideas of Games

A topic by Tizer created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 79 Replies: 1
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Do you have an idea for a game and do you want to talk about it and with all people construct a better idea?

This is the rigth place.

However Be carefull Remenber you are talking about the idea , you are spreading it before it is done an maybe someone will try it to make it without you.

If you dont mind take this risk.

Let's Start!

It is time to talk.

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To give example xP

I will like to make a resources food game where do you have a square map with little squares where each of them it is a zone where you can enter some key works relate to food and from a list with a probability gain some food resources and with that resources combine them in certain quantity an made delicious dishes for example "Salmorejo" jajajaja.

And maybe made a system of commerce.

Each zone will have his own icons later you enter the key words they take position in the zone.