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Tizer and Stellar Color War

A topic by Tizer created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 126 Replies: 1
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Hello to everyone!

This is my first game.

It is a space shooter based in colors, quite dificult, it is more easy lose points than wining them at beginning, it requires certain skills and practice like all games.

It has the mechanics of a famous 2d Game based in Color but this game is in 3d with constant movement, Slow Motion, shoot laser and ton of fun.

The basic is : you shoot or collide with a cube of your color you gain points or lose if it is a different color the cube.

The sphere change your color.

The capsule give you always points.

The Slow Motion Helps a lot to gain points.

The objects of game have erratic movements that made the game difficult :)

Rigth Now I am not very sure: what is it next?

Sugestion are welcome.


A shield and the posibility to lose when the shield fall to zero.

Improve the sthetics with a style arcade

Possibility to change your own ligth

Or change completely the free style of flying and make an infinity runner clasic.

Change the theme to food fruits and vegetables


Many Question and Possibilities.


Stellar Color War

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I have develop a new scene with an  esthetics quite diferent with cubes transparent with  and outline solid and new features like the scale of cubes change every second smoothly. It completely change the mode of game and the visual component.

I am going to continue working.