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4 Friends Brawling in 1 same Mobile?!? :: Shy Bunnies

A topic by Daniel Marques created Oct 03, 2017 Views: 341 Replies: 13
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Yes, exactly what you’re read in the title. A brawl up to 4 friends in a“smash fun” game! =D

How the game works?

There is only one button per player that does only one thing: move.

Infinite edge levels and all the expected parkour movement like Jump Shy Bird (?), you can perform a lot of different combos to slam each friend up to victory.

But it’s… fun?

heck yeah! 

I play tested with a lot of different people, players and non-players, and every one loved the chaos battle.

What I love most while playing Mario Party or Smash Bros is how we’re all laughing, even when loosing. This kind of fun that every tester showed during play time.



One Man Team

I’m Daniel Marques, a solo game developer from Brazil that do all gaming stuff: coding, art, music, effects.

That’s my first game since I left my job, dedicating my entire time to game dev. It means you can expect a bunch of love from Shy Bunnies. =)

I’m with you buddy!


- More than 3 months hand-drawing all sprites to looks like it came from a cartoon tv show.

- Animations has so many drawings that I had to separate bunny ears to a different file.

Infinite edge levels with different Jump Shy Birds.

- If you don’t have a lot of friends available like me, you still can play the ranked single-player mode.

- 60fps smoothness.

- Did I said it’s up to 4 players? =p

- in-game illustrations like those:


Don’t worry dear reader, we’re not the only ones that had some (awkward) shy moments

The game is still in development and I hope to release in the first months of 2018. I’ll keep here updated, but you’ll make my day if you follow my twitter. You can follow itchio page as well, right now it’s like the official website.

Thanks a lot for the support! Hope you're having a lot of fun as I am! =D


Hi everyone! 

I'm very happy after Tasos' article yesterday. Awesome to know that there is people interested in Shy Bunnies. =D

So, here's some update:

That's going to show in the after battle UI. The defeated bunnies will be very shy after the brawl. 

so, any tips where I can make this end level UI better?

Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce 

Hey man it looks very nice!

Thanks! =D

New theme for Shy Bunnies! It's a tribute to an episode of Bravest Warriors, one of my most beloved cartoons. =)

Another Theme! This time making reference to the easter island. =)

Finally, the last concept for the last theme. Soon I'll share some gif with gameplay on those levels. =)

Finally a new level with new mechanics! =D

In this one you can play completely different from the other level. Different strategies and ways of winning. =)

Starting new level like: "Yo, there's something below..."

This level is all about higher and higher! =D

Soundtrack to listen while watching the gif (Wet Hot American Summer Theme Song):

Finally, a proper menu! =D

HI everyone!

I've been quiet because last week was all about sounds! And you can <a href="" ]hear"="">hear here</a>, if you want to know how it worked out!</p>

Oh, and a little mashup for you too. =)