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Juice FX

Add animations to your images to make them juicy! · By CodeManu

List of bugs for high resolution animation in JuiceFX

A topic by NorthernStarGames created Jun 20, 2021 Views: 111
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Hey there!

So I'm trying to do a bit higher res animation with your new Juice FX release.

I think the idea behind the program is really cool, to do very fast animation, however   I encountered a few issues, mostly related to high res animation.

In most of the examples I use a rocket image created with VecMaker:

Alpha channel not supported for many effects:

The half transparent parts of the image dissappear when I use  Chromatic aberration or other effects.

For other effects the opacity is completely on, like here for example:

Then when I set a bigger canvas size, some movements and positions aren't right anymore.

When I use 'Electricity' for example, the copy of the image appears below the original image:

The Jumping and Landing for example gets skewed up weirdly for higher res images:

The Explode preset doesn't work on higher res images.

The game starts freezing until I need to eventually force close it.

Obviously I have no clue how much time you have and how worthwhile it would be for you to look into these bugs, but since as a starting point I  think it's a really cool software I'd be glad to see it advance .