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ZiBang Platformer Game

A topic by Polo Games Studio created Sep 30, 2017 Views: 163 Replies: 1
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Hello guys we are creating game as a Polo Games Studio like a one month ago.Its a simple platform game.We think that yes we are developing but, why dont showing people our game.Then we started taking videos or devlogs.This is the fisrt one but we will do it weekly.You can find our other link down below.Just tell us what do you wanna see about the game or about devlogs.(By the way i will fix the mic issue as soon as posible)

Devlog #1:

Devlog #2 Yeah it's been a looong time post a devlog but here it is.You guys can look up and, i have to say this isn't last days work.We took these video like after first devlog but we couldn't post it.I will try my best at posting devlog.Thanks for following us.