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Heavy Vertical - Controls and first feedback

A topic by Santi created Sep 29, 2017 Views: 112
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So I got my first feedback from the first players.  The common reaction is , they can't control the ship - it falls so fast and hit stuff!  :D

To get the hang of the controls,  the first trick is to resist gravity by tapping AND holding your tap long enough so the rocket thrusters begin to make your fall slower and slower.   While your craft starts to hover (or begin to move upwards), you can make small sideways movements by making SLIGHT tilts of the device left or right, and make small drops by momentarily letting go and tapping on the screen to control your descent.     It's basically a controlled fall !  It's a combination of gravity, sideways movements and bursts of the rocket thrusters  :) 

As you gain familiarity of the controls, you can actually make use of gravity to your advantage to conserve fuel, shorten your travel time and keep engine temperature at bay.  

There is also a maneuver I call "swing-sling", where you swing your load in a direction, let go of the touch and then use the load's heavy momentum to tug (sling effect) your Lifter into a point in the air, or use the cargo as a pivot point while you apply thrust.   The cargo is always heavier than the lifter so you can make the cargo your pivotal point in making lateral movements.   This is useful in non-straight tightly-spaced cave corridors, or when dodging harmful objects.  It takes practice to master this manuever but once you get it right, it's really fun!    Where there is a load dangling in your lifter, there is always a constant tugging between the cargo's weight vs your resistance to gravity by thrusters, and you can make use of these opposing forces to effectively manuever your Lifter.

Above all,  have fun!