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Duck That Cheese! or don't. It's really your choice.

A topic by DelaneyB created Sep 28, 2017 Views: 96 Replies: 1
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Welcome to the exciting world of cheddar avoidance!

Have you ever had an idea so personal, so centralized to you and your personal interests that you couldn't possibly share it because the mere explanation of the concept would flush your cheeks and dry your tongue? Have you ever had such an idea and just cast it aside?

See, Utsab and I, we were sitting around pitching game ideas back and forth. Things we could make quickly. Things we could make by ourselves, or with minimal help. After several failed attempts to get a workflow, I pulled an idea out of the metaphorical wastebin. An idea I'd pushed down once, nay, twice - NAY, possibly thrice. 

This is that game.

Like many of you, my best ideas come to me in the shower. And sometimes... My worst ideas, as well. This is the game idea that kept coming back. Like a grandparent you just have to keep visiting under the guise of "it might be the last time you see them," the thought would call to me days, weeks, months after I thought it dead. So I let it live.

For better or worse, here's DuckBlock in...


Can't get enough of that D? Download the new Android version!