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How do I add a desktop shortcut?

A topic by littleasianboileo created 80 days ago Views: 93 Replies: 3
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Hi, just downloaded itch and loving it. The only trouble is that I can't find the launcher/opener. Like, I don't know where to open the actual app. For example, if I wanted to go on Google Chrome, I just go on my desktop and find the "Google Chrome" app. Can't find itch. 


Assuming you're on windows, if you open the windows menu (windows key) and type "itch" it should come up. From there you can add it as a shortcut on your desktop.

try when opening up the app some how look to see witch folder it is in and upload it to the desktop 

Yea thanks @flankstaek, found it. Although I tried searching for it in the bar when I first got Itch but I couldn't find it. Got it now though. THanks again