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A topic by NMTIV created Sep 25, 2017 Views: 154
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Pieaugt is a Adventure/Action game with slight RPG elements.

About the Game You play as an unknown knight on his journey through an mystic and an abstract world to get the reward that has been promised in the legends. The backstory of the world can be pieced together through slight clues left around that world.

The game is built from Hearthbeasts "Make an RPG in GameMaker" guides, with added features from other tutorials and tons added by ourselves (Mainly sprites, backgrounds etc.)

About us We are an students enterprise from Estonia called Statera that makes video games with 5 members in our team, and one doing additional music. We didn't have any knowledge on making games previously so we chose an simple and easy to learn program like GameMaker.

Credits Maker Padari Igor Mohhov Ronan Leol Nikita Kisseljov Elina Pavlova

Additional Music by Denis Molodost