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Mechanism - adventure/ horror/ puzzle with depressive style Demo available!

A topic by AlexGoodwin created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 274 Replies: 3
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Hello! My name is Alex and here is my current project - Mechanism! 

It's a horror-adventure game with stealth elements about cute robot.  Depressive steam-cyberpunk world was infected with strange disease called Flegma.
The game is only one month in development but the demo is already available -  you can find it on the game's page.

Also check out steam page: Mechanism on Steam
Write me at facebook page with any feedback.

This actually looks really nice, congrats! Are those pre-rendered or in-engine 3D? I'm on holiday so I can try it out myself atm :P

Hello! Thanks! These are the actual in game screenshots - not pre-render :)

Wonderful, will surely try it out :)