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what do you think?

A topic by Stanza Creative Circle created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 262 Replies: 5
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any bugs? jump scares? what did you like? what did you not like? 

This is the first game I have played so far. I have been waiting it! The game is lovely, the art and the music are very good. The dialogue is very funny.  I loved the part regarding Game Jam!! =)

I couldn't finish the game, I get Choice one and Choice two but both do nothing? is this s a bug or part of the game?

keep up the good work!


the looping is part of the game 😂 if you can't get out of the loop try closing the app and trying again from the very beginning, you can use the 'skip' function to zoom through dialogue you've already seen and it'll stop automatically when it gets to something new! 

It says error while you playing because it doesn't seem to charge well some of the images. Also *spoiler* there is no such thing as good ending or true ending, isn't it? it's just the bad ending isn't it? the "good ending" is stop to play this game... Am I right? *spoiler*


Aww... I want to try the game but it isn't available due to some fixation(?) :')