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So is this game now done???

A topic by ShayanMS created Sep 24, 2017 Views: 487 Replies: 5
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i dont get it? i read a post about people updating this game for free which would be amazing and i may would like to give ideas or suggestions(only that if thats ok) and yeah will this game get updates form dasius later at some point again or what happend?


Hey ShayanMS,

A few members of the community wanted to keep the project going, so we're making plans to make that happen. So, although the game is stated as cancelled, we're working towards undoing that and continuing development. You can still leave suggestions in the suggestion section or on my trello page


Wait it was cancelled please dont cancel it dasius ;-; :(

What's the reason for that? Missing Money? Missing Time? Missing Motivation? Just Curious


Hey guys, its no longer cancelled.