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Arson - The video game

A topic by Gsquadron created Jan 21, 2016 Views: 334
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I have been working on an online game which will be called Arson.
It will be a shooter game, free to play by the end of this month.
The game itself features one main character shooting from a static position.
If the enemies coming from the right of the screen touch you, it is game over.

There is a shop where you can upgrade your gun.
Available upgrades will be: Power, Reload and Bullets.
Every time you upgrade one of those powers, they will require even more money to be upgraded again.

The game is estimated to have 12 levels.
On every level there will be a new background and different enemies.
You will start from level one and can repeat it as much as you want, until you complete it and unlock advanced levels.

You will be able to play the game from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet directly from the browser.
This is as much as I can reveal for now.
Enjoy the screenshots! :)

Welcome Screen

Actual gameplay (will change enemies sprites)

Main Character