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WuFlu KungFu WIP DevLog

A topic by SpookySkulll created 5 days ago Views: 33 Replies: 2
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This started out as just a meme game (thus the title, topic), but has now become something I'm actually excited about progressing with and have actually learned a lot from. I started working on it inconsistently around a year ago, but in the last 6-8 months I've been working on it nearly every day. Here's the first video of the DevLog series that I'll be doing on it biweekly going forward. I'll also be updating this topic to provide new videos and insights. Hope you guys like it :)

(also I realize that this video is very short, I wanted a quick summary to start out with and I'll probably end up doing longer ones in the future)

Is it a game just like goat simulator and just die already?  Looks fun. Though its too dark to see in ur gameplay.

It isn't very similar to goat simulator; mostly it's just a simple 3rd person beat-em-up adventure game. Yeah I just turned down the in-game brightness actually so I'll probably be changing that more in the future. Thanks :)