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Pixel Tutorial - Bamboo Tree

A topic by imonk created Jun 09, 2021 Views: 719 Replies: 2
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Today I drew a bamboo tree! It was pretty hard, but I'll try to teach what I learned. 

First pull up some references of bamboo trees. You'll immediately notice they are green or slight yellow, have pale stripes pretty intervally, and pointy leaves. First you're probably going to want to blob out the trunk/stem.


Next do some quick shading, doesn't have to be perfect, just pick a light source and go with it. I chose it to be from sunlight in front and slightly towards the right (you'll see later when I cast the shadow).

Next, the leaves. As I said earlier, they're pretty pointy and here's a good reference. If you observe enough reference of bamboo trees, you'll also notice the leaves bud out from the stripes/nodes (example1, example2). So I started drawing something for the leaves. 👇 

So now there's leaves but there's no shading, have to fix that. Leave's can't be scribbled, when drawing out individual leaves, I actually draw out each individual leaf. It's important to actually understand how leaf shading works if you want to draw any tree. I two examples of bamboo twigs here.

This is pretty much how you will draw the twigs and the bamboo segments, so continue on and draw the rest of the tree. The top tip of the entire tree was a bit confusing for me to draw but then I find this timelapse video which helped me understand how the tips looks.

So that's all you need to know for the bamboo tree! I played around with the colors a bit afterwards and added grass and a shadow just to make it feel a little more grounded into an imaginary environment--👇

But for the tree itself, I think that's it. Hope you guys learn something from this and see you in the next tutorial. Good luck!👋


Really enjoying this series, thanks again for sharing!


Glad to hear! Ill try to make one every day or so.

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